Borrowing Equipment

Are you looking to borrow a projector, a screen, or other equipment? Our media services department can help!

You can borrow:

  • LED projector
  • Overhead projector
  • Slide projector
  • Screens
  • 8mm film projector
  • Record player

Make sure to return the equipment when the loan period is over. Thank you!

Request Equipment

Step 1.Call us

Call the media reference desk at 973-285-6979.

Step 2.Make your request

Ask for the piece of equipment of your choosing. Specify if the request is for use "in-house" - at the library or "out-of-house" - not at the library.

Step 3.Give us your contact information

Give the librarian your name, phone number, and the barcode on your library card. You’ll be given seven days with the equipment of your choosing.

Return Equipment

Step 1.Go to the Music and Media Reference Desk

Talk to our Music and Media Reference librarian.

Step 2.Give your contact information

Give us your name, phone number, and library barcode to return the equipment.

Step 3.Return the equipment

Please return the equipment to the reference desk.

Note: We prefer that you make your request over the phone. However, if you’re already at the library and want to make a request, you’re welcome to go to the Music and Media Reference Desk and talk to the librarian.