Marriage Records

In New Jersey vital records including marriage are held in the civil division (city, town, borough, village) in which the event took place. Beginning in 1795 marriages were recorded at the county level, and beginning in 1848 they were also filed at the state level. For records from 1848-1914, contact the New Jersey State Genealogical Holdings at 609-292-6260. For records from 1915 on, contact the Bureau of Vital Statistics at 609-292-4087.

Searching the Entire State of New Jersey:

The New Jersey State Archives in Trenton has produced an online index to marriage records 1665-1799, and another index covering 1848-1878. The entries include the number of the microfilm reel where the full record appears; which is necessary when ordering a copy of a record.

From 1880 to 1928, the New Jersey Historical Society labored to produce the monumental multi-volume set, Archives of the State of New Jersey. Volume XXII is devoted to marriage records from 1665-1800. MCL has two copies of this volume in the complete run of the Archives in the Glass Case. The same information also appears in New Jersey Marriage Records, 1665-1800, by William Nelson.

The majority of these records are from an index to the marriage bonds which was originally on file in the Office of the Secretary of State in Trenton, and only provides the names of the bride and groom and the date. Listings can be found alphabetically under either party. In 1965 most of these records were transferred to the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton. Consult their website for information on obtaining a copy of a record. Some church records are also listed in these volumes and some give fuller information (parents, place, witnesses, occupation of the groom, e.g.).

It is a good idea to search both the online indexes and the print because of misspellings and other mistakes that occur occasionally in both of these sources.

By Region, County or Municipality:

Over time, county boundaries have changed, so it is important to search the former county’s records for marriages performed before the boundary change (e.g. Warren County was formed from part of Sussex in 1824. Any marriages performed in the Warren County area before that time would be recorded in Sussex County). Current Morris County was first Burlington, then Hunterdon County (until 1738).

Among the resources in the Morris County Library are:

“Atlantic County Records: Some marriages by John Godfrey 1829-1875,” The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey vol. 78 no.3, September 2003, p.97+

Bergen County New Jersey Marriage Records. These marriage records were copied from entries originally made at the Court House (Hackensack) by ministers and justices of the peace of Bergen County. The entries are arranged alphabetically by town, and then divided by the house of worship where the marriage was performed and then chronologically. Services performed by justices of the peace are listed at the end, after the last town. A geographical index appears at the end of the book.

Cumberland County “Some Marriages in a Cumberland County Newspaper, October 1822-May 1826,” The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey vol.78 no.1, January 2003, p.1+, concluded vol.78 no.2, May 2003, p.62+

Gloucester County New Jersey, marriage records, by H. Stanley Craig. Records are alphabetical by the names of the grooms with an index by the brides’ names. The first section is based on the New Jersey Archives vol. 22 and breaks out Gloucester County. Most entries appear to be 18th century. The second section (the largest) is based on marriage records from the Gloucester County Clerk and are predominately 19th century with a few 18th century. The final section covers records from a number of Gloucester County churches, listed by church. They are 18th and 19th century.

Hunterdon County

“Mercer County Church Records: Marriage records from the German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church in Trenton 1851-1870,” by Peter Winkel, The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey vol.70 no.2, May 1995, p,49+; continued no.3, September 1995, p. 138+; continued vol.71 no.1, January 1996, p.1+; continued no.2 May 1996, p. 49+; concluded no.3, September 1996, p.119+; correction vol.72 no.1, January 1997 p.24.

“Middlesex County Records: Marriages performed by Reverend Joseph Clark 1797-1813,” by Dorothy A. Stratford, The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey vol.66 no.2, May 1991, p.71+

Monmouth County

  • Monmouth County Archives has an online database for searching marriage records. Enter either the husband’s last name or the wife’s maiden name and a list of possible matches appears. It is also possible to order copies of the marriage record online.
  • Marriages of Monmouth County, New Jersey, 1795-1843, by George Gibson (NJ929.374946 Gib). This volume has many errors and omissions. A more accurate listing of Monmouth County marriage records is found in The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey May 1981 and following issues.
  • “Monmouth County Marriages 1795-1843,” by Paul T. Atteridg, The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey vol.66 no.1, January 1991, p.25+; continued vol.66 no.l3, September 1991, p.127+; continued vol.67 no.1, January 1992, p.3+; continued vol.67 no.2, May 1992, p.80+; continued vol.67 no.3, September 1992, p.122+; continued vol.68 no.1, January 1993, p.43+; concluded vol.68 no.3, September 1993, p.105+
  • “Monmouth County Records: Some of Rev. Woodhull’s marriages 1795-1824,” The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey vol.74 no.3, September 1999, p.97+

Morris County

  • Morris County Index of Marriages and Marriage Records 1795-1919 [microfilm]. This is a microfilm copy of the handwritten record books of the County Clerk. Some entries are difficult to read. First on the film is an index arranged alphabetically by the last name of the groom. The only other information in each listing is the name of the bride and the page number in the County Clerk’s record books (which follow on the microfilm). Records are:

    Liber A, Oct. 1795-Apr. 1811
    Liber B, May 1811-Nov. 1823
    Liber C, Dec. 1823-Dec. 1835
    Liber D, Aug. 1834-Sept. 1841 [note, overlap with C]
    Liber E, Apr. 1841-Oct. 1863
    Liber F, Sept. 1854-Dec. 1887 [note, overlap with E] Indexes for Libers E and F are interfiled by last name, on film.

    Next are the recordings of the marriages made by the County Clerk in chronological order, 1795-1919. Given are the date and place of the wedding, sometimes the parents of both parties and the presiding clergy and signed by the County Clerk.

  • “Morris County Marriages,” The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey vols. 4-9 contain the first two books of marriages in Morris County (Libers A-B) 1795-1823.
  • Marriages Performed by the Rev. Elijah W. Stoddard, 1853-1913. Rev. Stoddard served the Presbyterian Church of Succasunna NJ 1865-1913. The list is arranged as one alphabetical index containing the names of both the brides and grooms. Fuller information on these marriages is available from the Presbyterian Church of Succasunna.
  • Typed notecards. Deaths and marriages 1977 and January-June 1978, Morris County Library Archives Collection Box 74. These notecards cover the marriages reported in the Sunday edition of the Daily Record. Entries are grouped by the first letter in the last name of the bride and also the groom, but within that group they are not alphabetical. Entries give the date and page of the article in the Daily Record.

Salem County (New Jersey) Marriage Records. The records are alphabetical by the names of the grooms with an index by the brides’ names Nowhere are we told what years are covered in this volume. The first section is based on the New Jersey Archives vol.22 and breaks out Salem County. Most entries appear to be 18th century. The second section (the largest) is based on marriage records from the Salem County Clerk and are predominately 19th century with a few 18th century listings. The final section covers records from a number of Salem County churches, listed by church. They are 18th and 19th century.

Somerset County Bernards Township, Somerset County, New Jersey, vital records, [microfilm]. These handwritten records (very legible) were copied from the original record book by Carrie R. Gutleber because the old book was very faded. The list of marriages is in the third section and covers 1850-1905.

“Sussex County Records: Some Sussex County Marriages 1792-1806,” The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey vol.69 no.2, May 1994, p.49+

Warren County, New Jersey Marriages, 1824-1855, by Sharon Meeker. Both the brides’ and grooms’ surnames are in one alphabetical listing. All known information is included in each entry. The last item in each listing is the page where it appears in Marriage Book A (recorded by the Warren County Clerk).