Historical New Jersey Census Records

All published Federal Census records can be searched and viewed online on AncestryPlus. In addition, book or microfilm indexes exist for certain years.

Federal (U.S.) Census

  • 1799, Not available for New Jersey; probably destroyed.
  • 1800, Cumberland County has been reconstructed from a found manuscript; the rest of New Jersey is not available.
  • 1810 and 1820, Not available for New Jersey; probably destroyed.
  • 1830, Has a book index.
  • 1840, Has a book index.
  • 1850, Has a book index.
  • 1860, Has a book index.
  • 1870, Has a book index with separate volumes for Essex County, including Newark.
  • 1880, Has a Soundex (microfilm) index.
  • 1890, Completely destroyed by fire except for sections on Civil War veterans and widows.
  • 1900, Has a Soundex (microfilm) index.
  • 1910, Has a book index.
  • 1920, Has a Soundex (microfilm) index.
  • 1930.

New Jersey State Census

No indexes exist for the New Jersey State Census, so it is not possible to look up a surname and find a location. In addition, listings contain no addresses. However, the town name and election district are located at the top of the census book page. The 1915 census has some streets noted in the far left hand column.

  • 1855, Much is illegible. It only records:
    • Ethnicity (white or black).
    • Foreign- or native-born.
    • Number of children between 5 and 16 by ethnicity.
  • 1865, Morris County is not included on the microfilm.
  • 1875, Most of this census has disappeared; only part of Monmouth County still exists and it is in poor condition.
  • 1885, This census records:
    • Ethnicity (white or black).
    • Native- or foreign-born.
  • 1895, This records the following, in addition to the categories used in the 1885 census:
    • Foreign-born by:
      • Irish, German, or all other nationalities.
  • 1905, The following information was collected, in addition to previous census categories:
    • Month and year of birth.
    • Marital status.
    • Place of birth.
    • Place of birth for each parent.
    • Number of years in the U.S.
    • Whether a citizen.
    • Ownership of home.
  • 1915, The final New Jersey census includes:
    • Street of residency (some cases).
    • For school-aged children, additional records include:
      • Whether or not the child was in school, as well as the school name and type (public, parochial, or private).