Exhibits at Morris County Library

In the MCL Gallery


Exhibit of Oils on Canvas

Sara Greenberg


Artist Statement:

All subjects have a life-force, a spirituality of their own, even inanimate objects. My goal in painting, no matter the subject, is to isolate and “freeze-frame” that elusive essence in order to capture a type of energy, some inner aspect of what we perceive in the physical world.

Life forms of all kinds have always fascinated me, but there is an otherworldliness specific to the animal kingdom which I seek to capture in my paintings.  Many creatures seem to possess a kind of knowing, an intelligence, although so very different from our human sensibilities.  And, somehow, we share a spark of commonality with them.  Looking in their eyes you can sense it.

Sara Greenberg




In the Lobby Display Case


A special exhibit commemorates the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Washington Association of New Jersey (WANJ) which was founded to acquire and preserve Washington’s Headquarters at the Jacob Ford Mansion in Morristown.

The Washington Association of New Jersey (WANJ) is one of the oldest historic preservation organizations in the nation.