Exhibits at Morris County Library

In the MCL Gallery

Frank Briden Fine Art Landscape Photography

 As a person who was born, raised, educated and life long resident of New Jersey, I have a deep passion for landscape and architectural photography. My love for photography began in the 1970’s during which time I experimented with various types of film and camera format size. I have studied the techniques and composition approaches of many of the great landscape photographers and they inspire me for continued improvement and new ideas.  I have traveled to many of the our National Parks, other scenic landscapes and various sites across the US to photograph these wonderful displays of nature and architecture as well as extensively photographing in NJ and NYC.  My work has also recently expanded into Europe. 



In the Lobby Display Case

red text reading Thomas Nast: The Mas Behind Santa Claus

The Christmas Drawings of Thomas Nast

On display reproductions compiled by William Glover.

Thomas Nast (1840-1902) was a famous cartoonist for the paper Harper's Weekly. Although known for his political cartoons, he was also one of the first to draw the popular image of Santa Claus.