Computer Classes

We offer FREE computer classes to Morris County residents!

First, read the below information about our classes.

Then, sign up by:

  • selecting the class you want to take from the schedule
  • sign up online using the link on the class page, or
  • call 973-285-6969

About Our Classes

  • All classes are free and taught by library staff.
  • Standard class lasts 90 minutes.
  • Classes are designed for people with little or no experience.
  • Unless noted otherwise, registration is limited to 20.
  • Please take numbered classes in order.
  • Everyone is welcome to take any one class twice. Third time registrants will be waitlisted, to allow others an opportunity to enroll.

Class Descriptions

Unless otherwise noted, basic mouse and keyboard skills are required.

Access I

Learn how to create a simple database. Explore some practical and business applications.

Access II

Practice using tables, forms, queries and reports. 

Excel I

Learn how to organize a spreadsheet, enter and edit data and apply an addition formula. 

Excel II

Learn how to format a worksheet for a clear and attractive presentation. 

Excel III

Learn different ways to perform calculations with functions, and learn about cell references and ranges.  

Excel Special Topics

Practice formatting a worksheet, sorting and filtering data, using simple formulas, and the get the basics on charts and pivot tables.


Learn how to work in the “cloud:” store and manage your files and easily collaborate with others. Also learn a suite of web-based tools for word processing, spreadsheets, calendar, presentations, photo editing and more.  

Infographics for Beginners

Popular in business and education, infographics are ideal for sorting, arranging, and presenting data. Learn how to create them using Microsoft Office.


Learn how to create a presentation from start to finish and upload it to the web.

Word I

Learn how to change paper orientation, margins, fonts, line spacing and spelling and grammar.

Word II

Learn how to change the color of fonts, adding images, borders and shading.

Basic mouse and keyboard skills are NOT required for these classes

PC Basics I

Learn computer terms, understand the parts of a computer and managing files and folders.

PC Basics II

Learn about the internet, setting your home page and using search engines.