Wonderful Women of the World, Edited by Laurie Halse Anderson

Published on March 10, 2022

Wonderful Women of the World Cover.jpeg

By Kerrin Graul

Wonderful Women of the World is a collection of stories about women to inspire women. In this graphic nonfiction book, you read about various women accomplishing their dreams and changing the world. Some are athletes changing their sports, pilots helping their communities, authors writing self-help books, or a transgender activist. Each story is about how this woman changed the world, and how they are continuing to inspire women. Short and sweet stories to cheer you up and help you to accomplish your dreams.

This is a colorful and inspiring masterpiece. Laurie Halse Anderson states in the introduction that she was raised with the understanding that men worked in different careers than women. She immediately thought this was wrong. Then she turns on the tv show Wonder Woman. She was immediately enthralled and saw that woman can accomplish anything, Wonder Woman was her idol. This is a collection of stories about women we should all view as idols. Each story is inspirational in its own way. Each woman is an activist for something; women’s rights, transgender rights, or fighting for a spot in their career field. When you are looking for women who have accomplished their dreams, turn to this book for inspiration.


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