The Seventh Raven by David Elliott

Published on August 18, 2022

The Seventh Raven book cover. A black raven with its wings spread against a dark blue background with gold decorative lines and swirls at the edge. A silhouette of a girl in white with six white raven silhouettes overlay the raven background.

Reviewed by Kerrin Graul

A fantasy novel written in verse, The Seventh Raven is unlike any other novel I’ve read before. A story about seven brothers, their parents, and their mutual dream for a little sister. When that dream fails to come true, what lengths may a family go to, and what might they give up accomplishing this. This is a story about being careful of what you wish for, and a warning that all actions have consequences. This story also brings to light that although you may wish to improve an individual’s life, that might not be what they want.

I found this novel very interesting and a very quick read. I was surprised by how much I enjoy the poetry, for I do not usually read poetry. This type of poetry was very easy to follow along and made the story all the more exciting. I highly recommend this read to anyone looking for a quick fantasy read. Whether or not you usually like poetry I believe you will find this fun and interesting.


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