Tales From The Hinterland by Melissa Albert

Published on May 20, 2022

Tales from the Hinterland Cover.jpg

Reviewed by Kerrin Graul

Tales From the Hinterland is a collection of fairy tales from the realm featured in Melissa Albert’s novel The Hazel Wood. These are not light and fluffy Disney fairy tales, but are darker, deadly, and more haunting such as those read in Grimm’s fairy tales. Each fairy tale is unique in its own way, and features characters traversing struggles in their daily life, or confronting monsters that go bump in the night. This collection features drawings at the beginning of each story and a border that reflects the overall theme.

This is a very hauntingly scary collection of stories. When reading this book I wondered how did the author dream this up? Is this a glimpse into her nightmares? That being said, I enjoyed it from start to finish. Constantly wondering what the next fairy tale entails, I was excited from page one. Although this book is connected with the author's other series The Hazel Wood, you can read this as a standalone. I have not read The Hazel Wood, but I believe I would enjoy it after reading this collection.


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