Sixteen Scandals by Sophie Jordan

Published on February 10, 2022

Sixteen Scandals Book Cover.jpg

Reviewed by Kerrin Graul

A Pride and Prejudice remake similar to the film Sixteen Candles, Sixteen Scandals is the story of a girl who goes on an adventure and finds lots of trouble along the way. This is a historical romance set in the regency period. On a girls 16th birthday she is considered of age and able to join society. The problem our heroine faces is that she is the youngest and often forgotten. With one sister engaged and another already part of the dating world, our heroine doesn’t get to celebrate her 16th birthday, or does she? Here is where the adventure begins.

Traditionally regency romance novels are for adult readers. I love the fact that this author was able to take all the romance of the regency era and turn it into a Young Adult novel. Our heroine is similar to every other teenager on the planet, she feels her parents dictate all the rules, and that she has no control. She decides to take control by giving herself an exciting and adventurous 16th birthday. Although some of the situations may appear ridiculous to the modern teenager, this book does allow young adults a glimpse of what regency era life was like, while also being an enjoyable read.


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