Radha & Jai’s Recipe for Romance by Nisha Sharma

Published on January 27, 2022

Radha and Jai's Recipe For Romance Book Cover

Reviewed by Kerrin Graul

Radha is a competition dancer waiting backstage for the world championship in kathak dancing, a style of dance that originates in Northern India. Right as she is about to take the stage she finds out a secret that changes her entire world, and brings on anxiety like she has never felt before. A few months later, she now attends a dance school in New Jersey where she meets Jai, the captain of the school Bollywood dance team. When posed with the problem of dancing in front of an audience, which will cause her multiple anxiety attacks, Radha turns to cooking as a new hobby and a stress relief. Radha and Jai both struggle with family issues, anxiety, and planning for their futures. Cooking and dance both play a big part in how this relationship will play out.

This novel is a great read for anyone who has felt the pressure of an overcontrolling parent, financial hardships, or who struggles with anxiety. Radha struggles with anxiety, feeling inadequate, and seeks therapy. Jai struggles with financial hardships and is part of a very close family that has seen a lot of health problems. This book does a great job of explaining a lot of very serious topics in a light and enjoyable way. You will not feel weighed down by the topics, but will feel sympathy for the individuals involved. This story will have you thinking not only about your own anxieties, but what new hobby you may find to help you overcome them.

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