Echoes and Empires by Morgan Rhodes

Published on July 07, 2022

Echoes and Empires Book Cover.jpg

Reviewed by Kerrin Graul

Based in a world that fears magic, a hidden spell is mistakenly released. What happens when a girl is unknowingly exposed to it? Born the daughter of the prime minister, and raised in close contact with the queen, we first meet our protagonist mourning her father on the one year anniversary of his death. Magic is seen as corrupt and evil, those in possession of it are put to death. What is this girl to think, or do, when she finds herself in control of something that could be the death of her?

Echoes and Empires is a story about deciding on who to trust when put under stress. She can trust the friends and family that she has known her whole life, or she can trust those that are more knowledgeable on magic and her dilemma. When a Blackheart, a magically inclined hired killer, demands that she follow him to save her life, should she trust him? Deciding who to trust could help our protagonist, or hurt her, but she must pick a path to follow to find out the truth about the magic within her. This book is the first in a series, and does end with some unanswered questions. I am excited to find out where this story leads.


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