Dead Flip by Sara Farizan

Published on December 16, 2022

Dead Flip Book Cover. The top of the cover shows a neighborhood scene, in front of which are four characters looking towards the viewer. At the bottom, a young boy plays a pinball game with his back turned to the viewer.
Reviewed by Jayde Valosin


Things haven't been the same for best friends Maz and Cori since Sam disappeared years ago. Cori, who was trying to grow up and into the young lady everyone expected her to be, is content enough to believe Sam passed away after his disappearance. She's certainly not going to listen to Maz's nonsense about Sam being sucked into a haunted pinball machine. This difference of opinion divided the two friends, who have since been living separate lives in high school. 


Good thing Sam's back to bring them together again!  Except, he's returned as his twelve year old self, and seems to have no idea what's been going on since he was last seen. As it turns out, this is not quite a happy reunion, and Cori and Maz need to work together to save Sam...or to save everyone else from him.


If you turned a delightfully silly 80's horror movie into a book, you'd get Dead Flip. Though there are some creepier moments, this book is less scary and more fun. Some of the character's actions seem a bit hard to believe (I'm looking at you, Maz) but if you're willing to suspend your disbelief, you'll have a great time reading.


The book isn't all fun and games, though, and the author explores themes of growing up and changing relationships through Cori, Maz and Sam. Cori, who struggles with her sexuality, strives to fit in with the more popular crowd, which challenges her sense of self and her relationship with her other friends. Maz and Sam wish things could have stayed the same as they were when they were all kids, and have to learn the hard way why that's not a good thing.


Funny, unserious, and just a little chilling, Dead Flip is a quick read for cheesy horror movie enthusiasts.


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