An Improbable Season by Rosalyn Eves

Published on August 14, 2023

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Reviewed by Samantha Calderone 

Sisters, Thalia and Kalliope, are sent to join their cousin, Charis in Regency London, to experience their first Social Season in hope of securing respectable husbands. While Kallie, hopes to take high society by storm with glittering gowns and socialite parties, her sister and cousin have other plans. Thalia hopes to make her mark on society by publishing her own poetry, and Charis aims to find her place among the mostly male, scientific elite. However, at their first official party of the season each of the girls find themselves making missteps that will affect their social season. Kallie becomes the center of a scandal, and in order to correct her mistake must enter an arranged marriage to save her family’s reputation. Thalia finds herself losing site of her poetry as she becomes involved with a charming man, and Charis finds herself in the middle of a scientific dilemma that her heart might not survive.

This historical romance is like a Young Adult version of Bridgerton, it provides the Regency era vibes and romance for a teen audience that is compelling and fun.  Told in alternating point of views, this novel follows each girl through the social season, as they face scandal, success and potential heartbreak. While the novel is told from different points of view, each character has a distinct voice and personality. Readers are given characters that are not only distinct but relatable. Throughout the novel, readers are also able to see how the characters relate to one another in a way that feels real. Teens may be pleasantly surprised by the way the novel ends, but ultimately will be left feeling satisfied.  


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