Project Nought by Chelsey Furedi

Published on June 16, 2023

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Reviewed by Samantha Calderone

Ren Mittal wakes up in the year 2122 with his last memory being from the year 1996. Brought to the year 2122 by Chronotech, as part of their time travel program, Ren is meant to be helping his student guide learn about the past as someone who lived it. Ren and the other subjects are told they will be able to live in 2122 for five months before being sent back to their own time, the only problem is they will have no memory of their trip to the future.

When Ren and another subject, Phoebe, meet Jia they are told some stories about the dark past of Chronotech and the secrets the company is keeping. Unsure what the truth is, Ren tries to move on from what he was told, get through the next few months and return to his time. Ren’s plans change dramatically when he runs into the last person he expected, forcing him to see the truth. Ren and his student guide, Mars, must decide what to do with the information they have been given, and they must act before it’s too late.

Teeming with mystery, self-discovery and a charmingly bright future, Project Nought is a fast-paced graphic novel that will appeal to many different types of readers. Fans of the Marvel comic multiverse, and reluctant readers alike are sure to enjoy the twists and sense of adventure that this story provides.   With time travel being front and center in this novel, readers will not only find themselves transported to a new time, but may also find aspects of the future familiar. Chelsey Furedi brings the story to life with a bright color palette, and a diverse cast of characters meant to resonate with today’s teens. Project Nought is a great selection for fans of science fiction looking for a new twist on the genre.



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