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New Age Photography

Jeffrey Altschul Photographer

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jeff was given his first camera as a four year old when his mother gave him his late grandfather’s camera— an old Kodak folding hawk-eye 6 x 20 Model C. From that moment on, photography gave Jeff new ways to look at the world around him while expressing his own inner universe. Jeff shot professionally throughout the 1970’s and into the 1990’s, until putting aside his cameras to raise his two sons. When Jeff retired from a long career with Mercedes Benz in 2016 his love for photography as an artist came out of retirement. Rather than let himself be intimidated by the evolution in camera technology, Jeff dove head-first into the world of digital photography. Jeff seeks to live up to his name by bringing his “old-school” artistry and know-how to the “new-school” of digital photography as he seeks to share the world around him with abstract and impressionistic images.

Jeff Altschul